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2022 applications are open

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN NOW (deadline: January 23rd 2022)


Over the past decade, The Cares Family has been on an extraordinary journey, building five charities that create intergenerational togetherness to help tackle loneliness in Manchester, Liverpool and London. Yet while loneliness can affect older and younger people particularly acutely, we recognise that it is just one symptom of our wider disconnection. Our broader withdrawal from one another, particularly in the last two years, has exposed again how separately many people live. But we know that people in communities everywhere have brilliant and simple solutions to this disconnection – they just need the support to make those solutions work.

That’s why we are launching the second cohort of The Multiplier: A programme for community leaders to receive support in their missions to build connection, belonging and power-sharing through meaningful local relationships.

In 2022, we aim to bring together 10 more local leaders from across the UK so that we can share with them our knowledge, mistakes, challenges and learning as well as our contacts and platform, to help them drive connection and togetherness in their own ways in their own communities. We will invest in, support and connect these community-builders to deepen and broaden their impact, to influence policy and to make systemic change.

What makes a Multiplier?

Multipliers are leaders who know and love their communities, who understand what their neighbours need to thrive much better than people based in distant centres of power, and who are responding to some of the biggest challenges of our time.

In 2021 those leaders included Ellie, who created The Photobook Project to support people with dementia to take control of their narratives and build wider power as a result, and Neelam whose project Cysters removes cultural barriers and tackles exclusion issues around reproductive and mental health. We’re now looking for more people like Ellie and Neelam, and like Helen, Joel, Yvonne, Yasin, Steve, Yomi, Michelle and Bayo who all developed their bridge-building initiatives through our 2021 Multiplier cohort.

For our 2022 Multiplier, we’re looking for another group of bold, ambitious community builders tackling some of the big issues of our time through the same inclusive, relational approach.

You might have set up a project that brings people who are living with disabilities together with those who aren’t. Maybe you’re leading a movement that connects people to champion anti-racism in your community. Perhaps you’re building relationships across your neighbourhood to help tackle the climate crisis or to support children and young people living in care, or to connect men in mid-life to help reduce loneliness. You may even be running your own intergenerational project or have some other innovative bridge-building ideas and you simply need support to take your idea to the next level.

Whatever it is, we'd like to hear from you.

For our 2022 cohort, we’re looking for 10 people with clear values, distinct ideas and who are:

  • Bridgers – bringing people from different backgrounds together to build new power through relationships;
  • Inclusive – passionate about diversity, equity and access as routes to togetherness;
  • Experienced – facing systemic or cultural barriers, but conscious of the power of community in overcoming those challenges;
  • Iterative – open to learning and willing to risk making mistakes;
  • Brave – ambitious, authentic and action-oriented;
  • Generative – driving wider change that ripples out from their local work and distributes their learning.

We’re also looking for people who have:

  • A locally run, adaptable, community-led initiative in the UK that is at least six months old, and who need support to create a greater or wider impact;
  • Already demonstrated impact on their social issue;
  • The ambition and a plan to expand that impact;
  • A model that has the potential to make systemic or cultural change.

Ideally Multipliers will be people who can work on their projects full-time, but we appreciate that community requires flexibility, so we’re happy to consider applicants who are working flexibly provided that they also have the capacity to commit to a programme which includes attending and participating in all online and in-person gatherings, and completing short pre- and post-gathering activities.

We’re also seeking a group with diverse backgrounds and experiences, including people who are often marginalised in discussions about power and social change. While most people will be leading their own projects, we understand that in some cases Multipliers will have set up their initiatives with a co-founder and they may wish to apply together. See our FAQs for more details.

To support our 2022 Multipliers over an eight-month programme, we will:

  • Run nine half-day gatherings (or full day where face-to-face) starting in March 2022 on topics including community building, vision and strategy, storytelling, and coalition building (please see full list below);
  • Give all Multipliers a £7,000 grant towards project or living costs, paid in two instalments, at the beginning and end of the programme.
  • Set you up with a coach for monthly calls to help you reach your potential;
  • Profile your work online;
  • Connect you to The Cares Family team who will support you with challenges;
  • Invite you to events and speaking opportunities;
  • Connect you to a community of other local leaders to share ideas and learning;
  • Invite you to be a part of an alumni network of Multipliers at the end of the programme where peer support and knowledge-sharing is continued;

How to apply:

TASK 1: Tell us your story

  • Please send us an audio recording of you introducing your project and telling us about your story;
  • Please upload your audio recording here;
  • Requirements: The audio file should be no longer than two minutes. Please name your file: [YOURNAME]Task1. Please note that your application will not be considered without this recording. If you have any difficulties, please contact

TASK 2: Complete the (short) application form

  • Please complete the application form here;
  • Requirements: Please do not exceed the word number indicated for each question.

If you would like to see the questions before you start drafting your application, please see a PDF copy of the application form here. Please note that all applications should be submitted via our online form.

Deadline: Please complete the online form by 11:59pm on Sunday 23rd January 2022.

Please note: If you are shortlisted, we will arrange an informal chat with you which will be held online in the second week of February 2022. The programme itself will commence at the beginning of March 2022 and will end in November 2022.

The Multiplier 2022 gathering dates (subject to change):

  • March 7th – Getting to know one another
  • April 4th – Community building and inclusion
  • May 9th – Vision and strategy
  • June 6th – Storytelling
  • July 4th – Fundraising
  • August 1st – Coalition building
  • September 5th – Evaluation in the age of new power
  • October 3rd – Scaling
  • November 4th – Leadership and systems change

For more information on The Multiplier, please join our online information session at 12pm on Friday January 14th – please click here to register. If you're not available to join the session, see our FAQs or email for more information.

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