The Cares Family is no longer operational – this website is for information only

Our values

Throughout our operational life from 2011-2023, The Cares Family lived by a set of core organising principles – namely, that we prioritised people, place and proactivity in everything we did. Underpinning those principles were a set of values that we lived every day in our work with local communities, through our national partnerships, in our storytelling, through our fundraising, and in our team's behaviours. You can read more about the meaning of these values to The Cares Family, and how they were applied every day, in this values framework.

Two women posing together


We always sought to demonstrate empathy, respect and optimism, with people at the heart of everything we do.

A room of people waving at the camera


All our work was rooted in place, representing the needs, stories and language of local people authentically, and showing passion for the power of collective agency to advance justice and togetherness.

A woman assisting another woman


We started spontaneously, grew organically, and were always ambitious for our model, courageous and entrepreneurial in our approach, and aware of the power of vulnerability in leadership.

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We sought to constantly appraise and improve our work through evaluation and innovation, developing the most relevant, creative, adaptable approaches proactively.

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Until our closure, our staff were dedicated, responsive, reliable and accountable to people in their neighbourhoods as well as to our valued partners.